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Patrick "Paddy" Gallagher grew up in Strabane, Northern Ireland, as the youngest in a family of 10 children. From a young age Paddy (or Pat as he is called in Ireland) was fascinated by horses - any time away from school he spent grooming show horses for local riders. Old enough to try to follow into the footsteps of his older brother Jimmy, Paddy started spending his school holidays on the Curragh in Ireland. That's also, once finished school, where he found his first job working for trainer P. Norris. Paddy started out as an exercise rider who soon got the first rides in jump races. Always open-minded and curious to travel, Paddy decided he wanted to experience racing abroad. So he followed the advice of a wise man who suggested he try his luck in America.

Coming over in a horse plane, with a small bag and $500 in his pocket, the Irishman landed in Southern California. Initially, Paddy worked at Green Thumb Farm in Chino, owned by Earl Scheib. Soon he made contacts with Irish fellows on the racetrack, which lead to his next job with Trainer John Sullivan at Santa Anita Park. This decade was followed by 7 years as assistant trainer to the legendary Bill Shoemaker. Working along 'The Shoe' had been an invaluable asset and personal gain.

Thanks to all his mentors, Paddy has become the horseman he his today. He often says 'that he is still learning every day'; each horse is different - thanks to them he continues to grow.


Many of our team have worked with us for over 25 years –

dedicated and hardworking, all contribute greatly to our success.

Henry Vasquez

Barn Foreman

Enrique has been working with Paddy since 'Shoemaker time'. Henry is one of the best horsemen on the backside - he is very observant, and an extremely hard worker - he chimes in wherever work needs to get done. Henry takes great pride in the immaculate turn out of each one of his horses.

Gabino Gutierrez

Exercise Rider

Gabino grew up in Chicago close to Arlington, where both his parents worked in racing. His father still works as an exercise rider on the east coast.

Gabino is a very patient and quiet rider who helps his horses chill out and focus on their job. Most every horse Gabino gets to canter around in a nice and relaxed rhythm and he helps our horses enjoy their daily exercise.

Martin Sandoval

Exercise Rider

Martin was born in Maryland, where his parents worked on a farm. He partially grew up in Mexico and learned to ride on the horses his family had on the farm. Once finished school Martin moved to Florida where he started working as a groom prior to progressing to riding racehorses. Martin is a very talented rider who never looses his cool and just makes about everyone of his rides look easy.

Emily Ellingwood

Exercise Rider

Emily grew up in local Burbank. She started riding as a child and spent her teenage years and her first jobs in the hunter/jumper circuit in Southern California. Emily then progressed to riding racehorses and spent a few years working in racing on the east coast.

Emily is a very skilled rider who is able to teach our young horses the basics to be good rides. Emily loves to spoil her mounts with horse cookies - she sure is their favorite person!


Barn Watchcat

Daisy was found outside the barn hiding in a drain. She is a very friendly but rather shy cat. She spends most of her time watching the place from her look-out post from above the cupboard.

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